Highly Affordable Home Remodeling

Don'™t spend another dime at the local home improvement stores before you see what we can offer you“ for a lot less! Did you know that the major home improvement chains sell their œcustom cabinets and countertops at inflated prices, then hire local companies exactly like ours to build them and install them for you? To make matters worse, they actually pressure the installers to seek out installation problems in your home so that they can up-charge you dearly for it. Why not shop local and save all those ridiculous and unnecessary fees? Come by our site and see what we have to offer, then give us a call for a FREE no-obligation in-home estimate!! You'™ll be pleasantly surprised! R&J Custom Furnishings www.idahosolidsurface.com We also build custom furniture and provide disability and medical upgrades!
Updated 30-Apr-2012